Software Development

Once an analysis is ready, we will either develop new software or enhance existing modules, depending on what is available and who owns the software. Every development project is designed to provide independent modules with defined interfaces. Our development methods employ AVM, wherever appropriate, and modeling tools are used on larger systems. Our teams are small and development cycles are often short and incremental. We aim to provide low risk development cycles with h2 emphasis on constant user involvement.

Product Research

When a client requires a complete solution which may be available in the open market, we assist our clients in identifying the product and supplier most suitable for them. This would involve a tender and selection process.

Project Management

In general we feel that 10% of every project budget should be allocated to overall project management. This often requires regular client reviews, budget controls and updated plans. All project management activities are recorded and shared on our Extranet.

System Deployment

Developing software also requires that deployment is well planned and well executed. User acceptance and usability tests are carried throughout the development cycle but nothing beats full usage. Migration from older systems, such as Notes/Domino 5 to Version 6 are also undertaken on behalf of clients.

Technical Support

Public.Class provides technical support to clients on either free support periods or incident-based service. The service is provided under contract and occasionally provides for 24/7 options.

Software Maintenance

As part of our support services, we offer software maintenance under contract. This service is particular to our own products and is often offered to clients.

Systems Analysis

We learn about a defined process and devise, with you, a new system analysis. We then take it further down to the last detail, adding our ideas and suggesting technologies and platforms to meet the requirements. All of this is shared with you, online, on our Extranet.

Technology Research

Many of our clients ask us to find technologies that perform particular functions, for example generating PDF over the web, encrypting data for public distribution and so on. These kind of technologies often integrate into wider solutions.

Web Hosting

A frequent requirement from our clients is to assist them in hosting applications on Web servers. Through a major UK ISP we now offer a highly economical service where a complete web server can be "up and running" within 24 hours and often less.


Looking after systems to ensure non-stop operation requires constant monitoring. This is particularly important for external Web servers. Our monitoring server checks our clients servers and notifies us (and the client), by SMS and email, on any downtime event, within 2 minutes on average.