Through the creation of its products, we have mastered a number of technologies which we bring into many projects whenever possible. In the main, these technologies are integral to our product but the know-how is often exported to other projects.

Messaging: IBM Domino

The powerful IBM environment is where we excel. With experience of over 15 years we can say we are experts of all facets of this fantastic system. We know it inside out (as you might expect), and all our products work natively in this environment.

Messaging: Microsoft Exchange

As part of our work on smsPULSE for Exchange we found ourselves becoming experts in the technology, although to a lesser extent to the IBM Domino technology. In here we have mastered integration with OutLook and message routing to facilitate SMS message flow between smsPULSE and Exchange users.

Mobile phone technologies: GSM, Gateways, MMS

When we started development of smsPULSE we had to master a whole range of technologies together and integrate them coherently to create our most mature and powerful product. This included not only the server technologies but also standard mobile phone technologies such as GSM, MMS and many others.

Web technologies: Domino, XPages and many related

Over the years, like many other companies, we had to master popular web technologies and techniques. This has allowed us to develop modern web solutions, some very complex indeed. In the Domino web server environment we master the full range of technologies available on the Domino platform. Of course this includes many three and four letter acronyms: XML, SOAP, JSON, AJAX and so on.

Mobile App development: iOS, Android and PhoneGap

Since 2012 we have actively developing our skills in this area. As a result of this effort the first application that emerges is our Door Tablet application. No, you do not use it as a door stop. The application is designed for corporate users who wish to better manage the usage of their meeting rooms, allow easy scheduling of such resources and even welcome visitors to their office on large TV displays, connected to tablets.

Desktop Publishing Development: Adobe InDesign

Have you ever wondered how catalogs and directories with endless entries come to the world? well many publishers use programmable desktop publishing programs such as Adobe InDesign to archive these outcomes. From large product databases to fancy printed catalogs, from company directories to interactive PDFs. Our knowledge of XML, databases and programing languages resulted in the production of large directories to some of the world's leading accountancy firms.