Development Services

Public.Class offers a variety of development services, often, but not exclusively, in conjunction with our products.

Mobile Messaging Integration

Many smsPULSE clients deploy and integrate the server themselves. Occasionally, clients need further support in integrating the server into their existing systems or even create new ones. We also consult our clients on how to exploit SMS and MMS in their business, how to integrate it into their workflow applications, existing or new, and generally give them a "leg-up" on mobile messaging integration.

On occasions we enhance smsPULSE in response to client needs as we believe it may benefit other clients. We integrated in the following areas:

  • Law enforcement
  • Retail
  • Recruitment
  • Insurance
  • Housing
  • Social Services
  • Dentistry
  • Higher Education

We can help you, too. Just get in touch.

Web Projects

If you are clear on what you need to achieve from your web presence, we can help you make it happen. The majority of web projects require careful planning as these often involve people for different companies working together. This includes:

  • Graphical Designers
  • Search Engine and Social Network optimization
  • CMS implementation
  • Database and site Developers
  • Marketing and Promotion Staff
  • Legal Advisors
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Hardware Suppliers
  • Integration with Payment systems

We manage your project and co-ordinate activities with all parties, or just deliver the components you need.