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Christopher Winn’s I Never Knew That Podcast

opening a door on to a world of knowledge, adventure and surprise

Now the boundary of Britain is revealed - and everything unknown is held to be glorious, said the Roman scholar Tacitus almost 2000 years ago and his words are as fitting today as they were then - nowhere else can you find such a dazzling combination of gorgeous scenery and exhilarating history as you can in Great Britain and the Emerald Isle.

Join me and my special guests in this new podcast series as we travel to all four corners of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland discovering sweeping panoramas and quiet corners, hearing epic tales and intimate recollections, seeing where history happened, meeting friends along the way, and learning about the people and places that make these beautiful islands the most magical place on earth. I guarantee you will learn something new and will find yourself exclaiming, again and again, I never knew that!

*Episodes will last between 30 and 40 minutes and be published every two weeks


Episode One:

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The South of England

Christopher visits a mountain side house in Surrey where larks ascend, a desert in Kent where a famous film director lived out his final days, a beautiful ancient hilltop town in East Sussex, with an enviable literary heritage, the loveliest room in the world in a castle in West Sussex, the spot in Hampshire where a naval hero was felled in his moment of triumph, and a medieval space ship on the Isle of Wight.

Episode Two:

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The West Country

Christopher visits a handsome village in Dorset resting place of a farmer whose enterprise, and whose wife, helped save millions of lives, the Devon landscape beloved of a Hollywood legend, the most perfect combination of sculpture and scenery you will ever find, in Cornwall, an enchanted Somerset combe that inspired great poetry and the Computer Age, and an ancient temple in Wiltshire restored with marmalade.

Episode Three:

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The South Midlands

Christopher visits the birthplace of English song in Berkshire, Heaven on Earth in Oxfordshire, a country churchyard in Buckinghamshire where we have all the time in the world, the launch site in Middlesex for the first balloon flight over England and the exact spot in Hertfordshire where a young man made a momentous decision that changed the world for good.

Episode Four:

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The East Midlands

Christopher visits a quiet corner of Bedfordshire where the Celestial Light shines most brightly, the oldest house in England, in Huntingdonshire, the room in Rutland where the Gunpowder Plot may have been hatched, the burial place in Leicestershire of the last Plantagenet king, and George Washington’s ancestral home in Northamptonshire.